Saturday, April 20, 2013

UFO's - to finish or not to finish

Okay, so part of returning to the creative process is being brave enough to face the pile of UFO's that have hidden in the cupboard's for past year or longer! I came across this bundle of snuggle square I knitted up a couple of winters back. Oh horror of horrors, it is one of those projects that seemed like a good idea at the time. I love snuggling up under a blanket reading a book or watching a movie in winter. This one was an impulse, knitted with the current faze of fuzzy synthetic fibre that seemed to droop and loose shape very quickly, but that "everyone" was using and making quick scarves, hats etc... Anyhow, now I am faced with completion. I cannot bear to throw it out, it feels so wasteful! At last I decided to go with a very old piece of advice I was given, ...If all else fails, use purple....and so I have embarked on joining those pesky squares with a batch of purple stripes. Not sure where this will end but at lesast it is one more project that will soon be released from exile in the dark pockets of the cupboard.

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  1. I have just been going through some of my cupboards (it must be autumn fever!) and could only bring myself to throw out a very little bit. I have a jumper that I started at least 15 years ago. It is a nice pattern and I have all the wool. Now I just have to work out where I was up to and see if I can bring myself to knit again - which is not on the immediate horizon. So back into the cupboard it goes. I admire your perseverance in doing it.