Wednesday, April 17, 2013

tied up in knots

Okay, so I want to add some texture for the feathers. I decided the top of the head needed to be fluffy, so have started to use some knots. Rya knots, persian knots and spanish knots. A few knots in and I feel very anxious. Will these really hold? After several fiddly hours I feel more and more compassion for those women who sit and weave persian carpets all day for minimal reward. This is very hard and taxing work on even a small scale. I believe the women are known to weave as many as 600 knots per square inch. Whew! My knots have evolved into one very large lump of fluffy blue cloud, hopefully when they are trimmed it may resemble the wrens crest, but at this stage I am not too sure.

1 comment:

  1. I think you are being overly anxious, it looks very interesting at this stage. Now I am feeling the pressure, I need to finish my design and get started. Yep, the knots do stay in. And having seen those ladies, they should be paid a LOT more.