Friday, April 12, 2013

first steps - tapestry design

yes, I have mastered the camera. Well not quite mastered, but enough to snap a shot and put it up online. I have also managed to complete my design for next exhibit and start the process of weaving. I have decided to do a tryptich. The theme is building and as I was pondering this, I was so inspired by the beautiful blue wrens who have been building their nest outside my window that I knew that was what I would need to do. How on earth one manges to twist the warp I am not sure. It has never happened before. But this time I had to lay the floor in my warp 3 times before I got it straight! So here it goes. I have the warp set, I have my colours selectd and the beginnings are there. No hopefully some peaceful hours of relaxed weaving as I watch the image grow steadily......

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to my world! I nearly always manage to twist the warp, especially if I try to tighten it after I have put it on. Now I put it on as firmly as I can and then tighten the tension a little.
    Welcome back to the creative life too. I will have to get onto my design soon - and warp up my loom.