Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A pleasant surprise

A friend and I recently visited the Petite Miniature Textiles exhibition at the workshop space in Wangaratta. For some reason I did not quite connect how far Wangaratta was from home, but it required both a coffee and a lunch stop to get there. However the drive was definitely worth it. The exhibition was truly exciting and offered a large array of very inspired two and tree dimensional works. The most satisfying thing was to note the diversity of textile materials and varying media our textile artists are now using. Unfortunately I cannot upload any images of the works, but I do hope some of the exhibitors post images of their work as they are well worth viewing and purchasing! Yes these are the type of works that make gorgeous gifts or small personal mementos. I especially enjoyed a mixed media wall plaque by Mary McArdle "Fern Walk", Carole Thompson's set of tea cosies "the sisters three", Nancy Tingey's "birds nests" made out of shredded plastic bird wire, Mandy Gunn's "great expectations unfolds" made from cut and woven book pages, Jan Clements "tripod" incorporating copper wire, shim wood and basket weaving, and Margaret Pullen "shrouds- another time and place" hand dyed and hung cotton, Glennis Leary's "red landscape" a beautiful tapestry weaving incorporating some of my favorite textural sculptural effects in her stitches.... Yes a lot of delightful tastings, and I could go on. It was truly inspiring to see so much excellent and diverse work within the confines of a 30cm x 30cm parameter. I strongly recommend anyone who is close by or has the chance to pop over to Wangaratta to do so before this exhibition closes on 11th July.