Tuesday, April 9, 2013

returning to a creative life

After a long break, and having finally settled into a new home, new career and new lifestyle I have finally found the time to return to what I love most, and have found wanting of late; my textile work. First challenge, buying a new camera to replace the one stolen last year. Yes a challenge. I hate having to talk to young 'things' who speak a foreign language (techno jargon I think its called) and want to impress on me all the wizz bang wonderful things I will be able to do with each and every product they have. I WANT a digital SLR camera that will compliment my work as a textilist, not become a professional photographer or even immerse myself in the wonderful world of technology. After several half attempts I finally did it. I marched into the store, made it very clear to the lovely young man that I was looking for a very simple camera and refused to engage in any further discussion about upgrade, lens, possible movie making equipment etc etc etc. One hour later I emerged from the store with my little gem in tow. I now have a new Olympus pen, which I will endeavour to unlock secrets of as I work through my tasks. Small compact little piece, that seems to have all the options I know about and lots more that I can't recall as I lost focus once he began to expand upon its further virtues. SO EXCITING, it is a shame I cant actually take a picture to show you, but guarentee lovely pics of works in progress will soon follow.

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  1. Glad to know you are revisiting your creativity, and I reckon an Olympus would have to be a good choice of camera. I have an Olympus and love it.