Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spring cleaning

There is something that happens to us when the sun begins to shine and the weather warms up. Something in the air makes us more energetic, and inspired to tidy up our stash. Well this year I decided to not only tidy up the stash, but the whole work space. Major task was to take the old storage cupboard I had been using, or stuffing my bits into, and remake it over into a more pleasant and fashionable storage space. As you can see from the photos, this was not exactlyt a modern, well cared for piece of furniture.

After assembling all the pieces, I first coated them with some Penetrol, which the handy man at Bunnings said was much better than sanding back the whole thing! Thank heavens for friendly handy men. I then applied two coats of antique white. Don't ever use just straight up white. It is far to glaring and looks very odd on furniture. After rehanging the doors, adding a couple of new handles and knobs, hammering the staples to secure them back into the back.... this had come loose from years of me just shoving stuff into the front and hoping it would all fit... I think the new storage space looks pretty good.
Now all I have to do is work out how to fit everything that came out of it, back in! I have tried to cull, but every little bits seems to remind me of possible uses. Or worse still unfinished projects. So next item on my list, finish off some of those projects......


  1. Does the Penetrol provide a surface for repainting, or does it take the paint off?

  2. Penetrol is this liquid that apparently helps make the surface more open to application of paint. So given the cupboard was originally coated with a stain then enamel gloss it would have taken ages to remove all the old by sanding. This is an easy newish way (well apparently the trade have used it for years)- just coat over and let dry for 24 hrs. Also good for thinning the paint if it is too dense, as unlike water it does not cause the paint to loose its viscosity.

  3. Looking good! Hope it is making you feel good too. Putting all the stuff back usually reminds you of stuff you've had for ages and forgotten about. New ideas, new things to do.
    I have lots of unfinished work too, hopefully, if the weather doesn't get too hot when I return, I'll get some of them done. That's the plan anyway.