Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas crafts

How quickly the year seems to pass when we start thinking about Christmas. For those people who share the spirit of this event, there are many wonderful creative activities to enjoy. One of these is the sending and receiving of letters and greeting cards from long lost friends and relatives.
As preparation for this, one of my dear friends, recently invited me to an afternoon of card making. As the pictures show, there is much one can achieve from a few scraps of coloured paper and a little creativity. I particularly enjoyed making the ones where we folded up the paper and arranged them in a cascade like a tree.
Lucky for us, she has promised to share a few of her secrets in detail with us next year, so we should all be able to create beautiful greeting cards for any of the special occasions we have.


  1. Did you make ALL those cards? It looks like you had fun, and personal cards are so much nicer to receive. How do you get the cascading one into an envelope?

  2. Goodness no, but these are only some of the variety of choices we had. the cascading one is a little bulky for standard envelope, however these amazing women are not daunted by such matters. they make their own! Some of the larger or more ornate ones are best for hand giving I should think.