Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lemon meringue pie

Some people love chocolate, some people search for the perfect caramel slice. Me, I LOVE lemon meringue pie. Mary rang me today and told me about a restaurant that had a huge pie, so off we went for lunch. Unfortunately when we got there it was slightly late, so we only had 30 minutes for lunch. What to do? What to Do? Fortunately Mary had an idea. We could have dessert first and then go off for mains somewhere else. Fabulous.
Oh, yummy yummy yummy. The meringue was chewy outside, soft and marshmallow on the inside. Lemon curd very creamy but tart. The shortbread crust a perfect container. The serves were huge, but we both finished our pieces off. I was very happy. Unfortunately Mary felt a little sick, but then it wasn't her favoritist food.
How NOT to make a lemon meringue pie. After a particularly stressful day, I was desperately craving my favorite treat. Idea: stop at supermarket and pick one up. No such thing, next best idea purchase bits and assemble myself. Brilliant.
I purchased some small meringue nests, a jar of lemon curd, a packet of shortbread biscuits, a tin of whipped cream, oh and just in case the meringue is too crisp some marshmallows to add that extra bit of heavenly yum. Too easy!
Excited I raced home, unpacked my car. It seems I always have five loads of stuff to unload every time I go out. Why do we always need to take so many bits with us when we go on a craft outing? Anyhow I digress. Quickly I assembled a huge bowl of what I thought was a pretty spot on assortment of foodstuffs to make the ultimate lemon meringue pie in a rush.
WRONG Oh so very wrong. It was disgusting. The lemon curd was floury and bland. The meringue a hard sugary crust - empty inside. The canned cream tasteless white foam with a greasy after taste. The marshmallows, floury coated lumps of chewy stuff. The shortbread biscuits hard, buttery and okay if you wanted a biscuit. How disgusting. How disappointing.
Thank heavens for good friends who remember and spot the genuine confection when they are out and about. The one we had today was so yum I offered to marry the chef. Unfortunately he wasn't the marrying kind.


  1. If you married him, he'd probably tell you the recipe and expect you to cook it for him from then on, and so you would lose your love of this delectable sweet. Lemon meringue pie is best eaten when baked by someone else, I find. Oh, and of course, as tart as possible.

  2. Theregatha, your idea of a yummy treat, home-made, sounds disgusting! I am not at all surprised that it didn't work. I am not fond of the meringue cases you can buy, they don't come anywhere near the bliss of a really good baked meringue topping. Maybe you should try to make one from scratch.
    Actually, I am thinking that there is a similarity between a good baked meringue topping and a home-made pavlova - similar ingredients and method of making. I have not had a home-made pavlova in eons. Something to try soon.

  3. I admire anyone who can make either of these deserts. I have tried and got into an awfully sticky mess. One of my students used to bring me one of his pavlovas occassionally, and yes they were very yummy. Good luck with your experimenting, I look forward to hearing of success. Perhaps it could have a very tart lemon filling????