Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when life imitates art.

Sometimes we can have some very strange experiences. As part of my tapestry weaving classes I chose to weave a set depicting sheep. The main group were a bright pink fluffy bunch of sheep happily grazing, with one lone straggler in the background.

Imagine my surprise, when several months later a friend who was travelling in New Zealand reported spotting a real live flock of pink fluffy sheep grazing in the fields!

Isn't life just wonderful..... or is that art????


  1. I love your tapestry. And how surprising to see the real sheep!

    Is the tapestry finished now? If yes, are you going to tell the strange story in your artist's statement to accompany the tapestry?

  2. Why would anyone have pink sheep? How did they do that?
    I remember seeing a pink dog once, it had been washed with water with food dye in it. It actually looked cute, but it looked cute white too.

  3. theregatha, I saw the finished piece at the Flock exhibition, it was inspiring to see it 'in the flesh'.

  4. Hi Mary,
    it was fun to exhibit the piece. Thanks for the feedback. It is always good to know people connect with one's work.