Friday, November 27, 2009

existential crisis's

How does one spell crisis plural? I am sure someone can tell us.
well, it has been a few weeks since I managed to sit at the computer and feel able to share anything slightly creative. I feel guilty at not having responded to a few comments people had sent to me. Especially one related to my last blog, where it seems the pictures of my tapestry did not upload. I will try to restore these asap.
I have been out and about a bit and look forward to sharing some of the interesting art and craft work I have been enjoying, but for now just want to check in and say hi!
Existential crisis's are not fun, and I feel as if I have been in a big deep hole. Although I was generally out and about "doing" "stuff" it felt as if most of the time I had a large veil covering my brain and I couldn't quite see or think. Of course I was doing lots of thinking, maybe too much. Then one morning, poof, just like that the veil seems to have lifted and my energy returned. While a struggle at the time, now I am coming out the other side it feels as if it was worth it.
somewhere in all of that thinking and wallowing I managed to readjust all the bits and find a direction for where to from now. One plan is to do a lot more silk painting and shibori work. So lots more about that soon too.


  1. Hi Theregatha,
    It is good to hear that the veil is lifting! I think the word is crises.
    I'll look forward to seeing some silk painting. I used to do some, about 15 or 20 years ago, and it was fun. The weather has an impact - it dries really quickly in the heat - which can be good. Don't know how it will go with the humidity. With any luck we'll get back to our more common dry heat. Who says the weather isn't changing???

  2. I have an inkling of what you mean about the veil, though one person can never really understand another's experience, in my opinion. Sometimes I feel as if I am in a fog - maybe that is a touch of my "veil".

    It's great to have days when it's not foggy or veiled, isn't it?