Monday, October 19, 2009

rather large lap rug

I started this small lap rug as a winter project to pick up in the evenings and just do a few rows as I wound down from the day. Somehow as I slowly pottered it grew, and grew and grew. Now I have a very large warm blanket for my bed. I love the way crotchet seems to find its own rhythm and the various colours in this project sit happily with each other, even though I didn't pay much attention to which colour I used when. Somehow I think the randomness of the colourways adds to the snuggly homely feel of the overall piece. I think my nana would be well pleased with this one.
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  1. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!! It looks soft and warm, just the thing to keep you warm on these cool Spring nights, maybe as a light blanket in summer.

  2. It is 100% Australian wool. Some handspun by moi, and other commercial bits from my stash. We (the royal we!) have had some very hot weather lately and it has become a comfortable replacement the hot hot hot doona.