Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strange colours

I am not sure what happened to the dye pot today. I was looking forward to creating some gorgeous warm browns from the eucalyptus tree which had fallen down in the winds last week. Somehow what I got was a variety of purplish greys. Not so sure what I will do with them yet, as it isn't quite what I was wanting. A friend suggested that it may be the water supply. The drought has meant our water supplies are low, leading to possible increase in mineral content. Could be an explanation. Any suggestions???


  1. Maybe they're putting something into the water because the drought has meant the supply is polluted.

  2. I read somewhere recently that you can leave the water to sit for a few days and the chemicals that are added may go away. I'm not sure what happens to them as it is water that evaporates, not the chemicals, but it may be worth a try.
    Or you could try using tank water - if you have a tank.